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A Career in Veterinary Medicine

A Career in Veterinary Medicine


Have you ever considered a career in

Veterinary Medicine?


If you like animals, that’s a great start. 




Veterinarians are Doctors of Animal Health.  All veterinarians have studied in Sciences, Animal Health, and Medicine at a university for a minimum of six years.   They are trained professionals that are licensed to provide medical and surgical care for your animals.

Veterinary science, like all other medical sciences, is an ever expanding entity of knowledge regarding all aspects of animal care.  Veterinarians today are trained to work with companion animals, horses, fish farms, livestock and poultry farms, laboratory animals and wildlife; and in such disciplines as internal medicine, dentistry, population medicine, surgery, pharmacology, laboratory diagnostics, radiology, animal behaviour, animal welfare, food safety, nutrition, disease surveillance and control, and research.  Students selected for veterinary medicine at one of Canada’s five veterinary colleges undergo four years of intensive study to receive their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).   

Graduating students then must successfully complete a North American wide comprehensive veterinary licensing examination which provides them with the ability to work in Canada, the United States and abroad. While in practice, veterinarians continue to learn and expand their veterinary skills through continuing education seminars, research projects and further academic studies. The future for the veterinary profession is bright. The demand for trained medical professionals such as veterinarians is ever increasing.


The Veterinary Profession offers a very wide range of career opportunities, including:

Small (Companion) Animal Practice

Large Animal Practice

Mixed Animal Practice

Specialized Practice


Teaching and Research



There are approximately 11,000 licensed veterinarians in Canada, and approximately 100 in Newfoundland and Labrador.


There are five excellent Veterinary Colleges in Canada.  Their information and links can be found under "Veterinary Colleges in Canada" on the right hand side bar of this page.